Life In a Nutshell…

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Life in a nutshell
Sour as a lemon pickle,
But.. Sweet as a rose smell.

Life in a nutshell
Small as the tiniest cell,
But.. Long as the deepest well.

Life in a nutshell
Serious as the time tells,
But.. Humourous as the nitrous smell.

Life in a nutshell
Horiible at times.. as you may yell,
But.. Beautiful as a sea shell.

Life in a nutshell
Surprising as the Christmas bell,

But.. Happiest where the smile dwells.

1 comments on “Life In a Nutshell…”

    • Anonymous
    • December 4, 2012

    Humourous as the nitrous smell. & Surprising as the Christmas bell are awesome lines!
    First stanza proves the taste of life 😉

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