I am Just Left Alone..Once Again..

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I do have a slip,
Didn’t have a fall.
I want to have that grip,
But it didn’t work at all.

With you.. Life Used to be
A rosy walk…
When you are not around,
It is just a gloomy talk.

I didn’t want you to loose,
So I hold your hand tight.
Because I can see the paths..
Without there was no light.

All are happy and
pleasure they gain..
I am just left alone..Once again!!
I am just left alone..Once again!!

4 comments on “I am Just Left Alone..Once Again..”

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    Well.. I'd say it's good that you didn't have a fall… 😉

    Cheer up yaar.. itni sad sad poetry mat likha kar.. 🙂

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    It's touchy. My wishes for your best. [:)]

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    @ Dhiman Hey just a change of mood. I thought always happy happy likhti hu..Lets try something new. 🙂

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    @ Bhardwaj Hey Thanks for ur wishes.. 🙂

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