Some Souls…

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Some Souls are like your lifeline…
That You simply can’t live without..
Some Souls are like sweet smileys…
You just see…smile and later think about.
Some Souls are someone’s only best friend…
With whom secrets are shared;
Some souls are the best safe box;
Within them feelings are understood and better cared.
Some Souls are more precious than anything…
That you simply can’t afford them to loose.
Some Souls are like God’s bliss;
Showered upon you…you can’t simply choose.

Some Souls are them
You ask it always and ever
Will we always remain…
“Friends Forever…”.

4 comments on “Some Souls…”

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    some souls r so thoughtful n creative…..
    that dey write about things of life so aptly n beautifuly…
    that u wud yearn for d poetess to write on n on..
    so dat u cud read d poems n cherish life n evry relation….

    thanx manisha 🙂

  2. Reply

    Srsly yaar.. I would second anshul on that 🙂
    My Fav:
    "Some souls are like sweet smileys…
    You just see.. smile and later think about"
    I actually thought that Yes, I do so.. 🙂

  3. Reply

    @ Anshul
    Thanks and I am glad that you read all my creations. It make me feel write more. 🙂

  4. Reply

    @ Himanshu
    Thanks again Himanshu. You know I like the whole poem but these lines are my favrt too.. and me too do it often. 🙂

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