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Those beautiful moments..
I want to care,
Things would have been different..
If I would had dared.

Those precious words..
Still gems for me..They are;
That hope and that belief,
Made me understand you’re there.

That endless love,
If you’d realized..
We would be together,
And Life hadn’t been died.

No matter what had happened,
Fault is at noone’s part,
It’s our DESTINY…
That made us apart….

3 comments on “Destiny..”

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    Umm… Sad ending… 🙁
    My addition if allowed by madam:

    Still I know there will be a day,
    When I'll be yours and u'll be mine..
    Not destiny now, but this time…
    Srendipity will ring the chime 🙂

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    @ Himanshu
    Wow..great lines!! I must say it will add to its beauty.. 🙂

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    Awesome work 🙂 🙂

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