Friends Forever….

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On the pathway of life,
When everything was full of strife.
Things were dead,
Matters were tough,
And everyone was out of sight.
Then you were the only hope,
In the dark of my night.

You made me smile,
In the lowest of moods..
And darkest of my shades…
You were my inspiration
And will always be…
You were with me…
And I, with you
Will always be.
These are the feelings of heart,
Matters over mind.
I feel it from the depth,
Of my soul…where it reside.
I told you never,
But hope so ever…
Shall we always remain??
“Friends Forever…”

4 comments on “Friends Forever….”

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    is poem ka just complimentary gana..
    I'll Be suna hai kya??
    net pe sun na… lyrics are just like the person is responding to your poem…

  2. Reply

    Nice write yaar…
    the 1st para stands out..
    2nd and 3rd are typical "Manisha" ones.. 🙂

  3. Reply

    Thanks Himanshu 🙂
    I heard the song..It's beautiful..

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    evry one yearns for such a frn…but only few get it…i hope u get it……

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