Once Upon A Time

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Once upon a time..
And a very good time,
There was a me..
Always waiting for you,
From the depth of my soul.
Always wishing for you,
From the soul of my heart.

I waited..
Waited a long,
For you to come
And say, ‘ I am yours’.
But you never said..

I wished..
Wished a long,
For you to hold my hands
And never let me go.
But you never did…
I desired..
Desired a lot,
Your shoulder to cry upon
And for you to heal my soul.
But you never saw those tears…
I yearned..
Yearned a long,
To let you hear
“You are my Angel”.
But you never heard…
I died..
Died a long,
To tell you
I need you more than anything else.
But you never realized.

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    nice write… seems coming right from the heart.. rather than the ususal "modification of thoughts"…

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    But one thing just tickles me still…
    i was expecting a para with…

    I said..
    Said a lot,

  3. Reply

    Thanks Himanshu…Yes,Thoughts are straight from the heart and I think this should be the beauty of any relation that you don't need to say something . It should reflect from your eyes…. Hope it answers your second question. 🙂

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    sure it does….
    just what I was expecting ;)..
    keep penning…

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    dis melanchonous and heart touchin piece can only b written if u hav been through it….so my dear manisha plz tell me who was it or who is it??

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    @ Anshul
    The only reason behind this creation is thoughts. You imagine..you feel and you pen it down. This is what Poetry is all about. Hope you got your answer.. 🙂

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    nice one.

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    @ Rocking Ryan
    Thanks Saurabh!! 🙂

    • Anonymous
    • July 30, 2009

    write some thing which inspire every one todo from its mind and sprit. And after that every one may proud upon him/her.

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